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Radical rebranding of an inovative local Cosmetic Brand

Nafigate Cosmetics produces an amazing Article, to the Great satisfaction of its customers. But the development of new products might have overshadowed the need for a fresh, more contemporary Design. At the very beginning, we were asked to create an online campaign to boost up sales. But our mission soon shifted into a complete redesign and development of a new corporate identity.

The Journey begins

The Nafigate beauty procedure goes back to November 2017. Our Studio was recommended by our amazing #friendsnotclients to Ondřej mynář, CEO of the Nafigate Cosmetics.

At the time, Nafigate Cosmetics was selling most of their goods via own e-shop. So our initial task was to come up with a catchy online campaign to boost up sales.

“I was aware of REMEMBERSHIP_ for quite some time. I have seen their work and liked their passion for design. Once I was looking for a studio that would create our online campaigns, REMEMBERSHIP_ was at the top of my list.”

Ondřej Mynář, CEO NAFIGATE Cosmetics

“Obsahová agentura was working with NAFIGATE for some time. Soon we reached the limits of the outdated Design. Since we already had a great experience with the REMEMBERSHIP_ studio, we were happy to recommend it. And it just worked out.”

Martin Brablec, CEO Obsahová agentura

Original designs

Proposed process

1) Initial workshop

As always, our Cooperation started with a Strategic Workshop that included all interested parties: Nafigate Cosmetics, REMEMBERSIP, and Obsahová agentura - our key partner responsible for content and copywriting.

Together we revisited all facts about Nafigate company. We used our established methods to label all the advantages and pain points. We approached the topic from perspectives of customers, employees and the company itself. Based on workshop outcomes and data from research, we were able to suggest a relevant strategy for the Online Campaign.

The workshop needs to be a safe space that boosts up our creativity. A perfect reason to start with a playful drawing exercise.

Dead-end ⛔

The workshop also revealed the main pain points: Inconsistent communication and unattractive design of Nafigate brand. At this point, we were sure that any campaign wouldn't be able to raise sales without some major design changes.

Our suggested solution was right under the nose - a complete rebranding. But at the moment, such thing was considered as too much of a risk by our client.

“We were absolutely sure that Nafigate Cosmetics has great products, amazing team, and services of precise copywriters. Customers were greatly satisfied with the formula of Nafigate products. Therefore we were certain that the main problem is the old design.”

Petr Rubáček, CEO of REMEMBERSHIP_

The main design and communication pain points of Nafigate

⛔ Generally unappealing Design

⛔ The design was not representing any brand value and lacked emotions

⛔ The Customers were dissatisfied with Packaging Design

⛔ Information and instructions on the packaging were uneasy to read

⛔ The product design limited any attempt to improve overall marketing communication

⛔ The Brand was overlooked by resellers

⛔ The Client lacked data or research about brand perception

“Měli jsme před očima skvělý tým, který poctivě vyvíjel perfektní produkty. Zákaznice, které je mají opravdu rády. Skvělý obsah a našlapané copywriterky. Mohli jsme proto s čistým svědomím, nahlas a bez bullshitu říct, že tuhle značku brzdí to, jak vypadá.”


Friends to the rescue: Facts & Data

Workshops, research, and in-house testing pointed out the main problems of the products and packaging. But we were still lacking relevant Data about the brand itself.


To proceed with our campaign proposal, we needed to gain a better understanding of the Nafigate brand values and customer perception. But we were still lacking relevant data. Thankfully we were able to cooperate with the Datamar research agency. Datamar orchestrated semi-quality research that had proven our premises right.

“The research has proven that customers don't associate the Nafigate brand with the original formula as much as we assumed. Instead, they considered the visible results and especially the smoothing of wrinkles as the main benefit.”

PhDr. Lenka Mynářová, Zakladatelka Datamar International

Nafigate is in a great company, but fighting a tough crowd.

The Rebranding

Our research has proven the qualities of Nafigate products and limits of the current brand design. Based on the data, Nafigate management gave us a go to develop a new brand design a communication concept.

“The Origin story of our Company was based on Science and Innovation. The Brand itself was always interesting to resellers. But the overall design of our Brand was the dealbreaker. That was one of the main reasons to decide on the rebranding.”

Ondřej Mynář, CEO NAFIGATE Cosmetics

Let's talk business. Those were our goals to achieve:

⛔ Turning a boring brand into an exciting one

⛔ Winn over new Customers from segments that were far out of our Reach

⛔ Introduce the renewed brand to major Cosmetics resellers

⛔ Score contracts and run campaigns with major Cosmetics resellers

⛔ Become a valid competitor in a segment full of major international brands

⛔ Become ready to expand to new markets

Time to pull off our Methods. First, we had to phrase the Focus question. We already knew that Customers love our Brand for its visible results. But how to impress those who haven't try the product yet?

Focus Question

How can we deliver the brand essence of Lightness, Effectiveness, and Quality at the time of very first contact with our brand?

Let's talk business. Those were our goals to achieve:

✅Turning a boring brand into an exciting one

✅Winn over new Customers from segments that were far out of our Reach

✅Introduce the renewed brand to major Cosmetics resellers

✅Score contracts and run campaigns with major Cosmetics resellers

✅Become a valid competitor in a segment full of major international brands

✅Become ready to expand to new markets

The Growth of Nafigate product line

Creative concept

First, we had to come up with a creative concept. We were aiming for a strong idea, that would stir up emotions and help the brand stand out. We were working on the Focus question. There was a deep dive into Insights ahead of us. We were also assessing almost 300 statements about the brand that had been said by regular customers and brand employees. Finally, we established three pillars of the Focus question: Lightness, Effectiveness, and Quality.

We wrote a short story to each Focus question pillar.

After countless hours of brainstorming, we have decided on creative direction:

✅Emphasis on Lightness and Science

✅A visually mysterious and fascinating approach

✅Visual representation of the statement “Beauty is a science”

Cosmetic brands comprehend a lot of emotion and symbolism. They represent self-care, own time, reward or a personal ritual.

We found what we were looking for

The shape of watercolor poured into water creates a simply fascinating and mystical image. One can not be sure whether it represents more of science or nature. Just as Nafigate Cosmetic brand. Soon we were more than happy with the shapes and kept on experimenting with the color.

“Brand perception is based on Emotions. Creating a lovebrand is more like Alchemy than Science. First, you need to understand your Customers. What they like, what they want and what are they willing to pay for. In any case, every brand needs a name, a story, and design. And Design is the first thing noticed by your potential Clients.”

Lenka Mynářová, Member of The Board NAFIGATE Corporation

Concept Validation

The NAFIGATE Team was excited about the new Creative concept and we were more than happy about the validation. But first, we needed to hear from our Customers. We got back together with the Datamar research agency. In the research, the watercolor Shape was appreciated, but our preferred color fell through. So we left the turquoise behind and decided on greatly appreciated purple. After deciding on the shape and color of the creative concept, we moved on to testing packaging and website. Also, we established a new brand Claim in cooperation with our partner Obsahová agentura. And finally. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Nafigate, the Gentle Cosmetics.

“Instead of batteling the global brands, Nafigate created an own category of Cosmetic product that is gentle both to your Skin and to the Environment. All of that based on Research and valid Data.”

Martin Charvát, CEO of Obsahová agentura

The Outcome

9 concept interactions
15 label and packaging interactio

A Nafigate Cosmetics brand was reborn. Recreated as Phoenix from Ashes, based on Data and Research. The complete brand portfolio was redesigned, including packaging, products, labels, and website. And finally, we launched the communication campaign as well.

Happy End

We are more than happy to announce, that after the rebranding and new website launch, the Nafigate brand wasn't declined by any potential business partner. And the new Design was greatly appreciated by the Customers as well. The Brand finally stands out and holds up in the competition of international Brands. And last but not least, there has been a major boost in Sales. And not only is the Client earning more in profits. Thanks to our rebranding, the cost of packaging production become cheaper by approx. 9 000 Euro per year.

“Design powered by passion and strong Emotion is a dream of every Business owner. I am very happy that we were able to achieve such result in cooperation with REMEMBERSHIP_.”

Lenka Mynářová, Member of The Board NAFIGATE Corporation

at 40% of marketing costs

“We consider the rebranding of NAFIGATE Cosmetics a major success. The new identity better reflects on our company's values and gives us a great background for further development. The rebranding of NAFIGATE Cosmetics brand in cooperation with REMEMBERSHIP_ studio was the biggest business decision of my career. And it was also the best one. In three months after the rebranding, we gained 4 major business partners and boosted up Sales by 20%.”

Ondřej Mynář, CEO NAFIGATE Cosmetics

Obsahová Agentura (Martina Vejvodová, Martin Brablec), Martin Hakl a Kateřina Vondřáková with solidpixels team, Ondřej Mynář, Helena Šňupíková, Marcel Kocián from Nafigate Cosmetics, Nafigate Corporation, Lenka Mynářová from Datamar, Jan Vítek, Lenka Bukačová

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