Petr Rubáček Creative & Strategy Lead


Once Petr quit wild water racing, he had thrown himself head first into his new passion - Design.

With a great help and support of his teacher Jiří Školoudík, Petr was admitted to the Faculty of Art and Design of Ladislav Sutnar in Pilsen. Without further ado than founded The Young Atelier - first grounding stone of the REMEMBERHIP_ studio.

Petr briefly realized that his future lies in designing brands and products. The Young Atelier also introduced him to lots of dear colleagues and mentors from companies such as Nomad design or 2Fresh. Special mention needs to go to his personal mentor Marvan Shammy who introduced Petr to Design thinking and leadership methods.

Petr and Martin grounded REMEMBERSHIP_ studio on a strict, but simple principle. To do amazing work for great people.