Design metody, kterým věříme.


Three expectations

Assumptions are the mother of all fuck-ups (troubles)! We all come with a different image in our mind and we can never succeed unless we get on the same page. This simple exercise helps harmonize all expectations.

Why Three expectations

“We expect you to fulfill our expectations.” And we would love to that! The small issue is we can not read your mind. Let's put it all out there and get on the same page at the very beginning.

Three expectations step-by-step

This method is a deep dive into your business. But all you have to do is answer these three simple questions:

  1. Why are you here? What is the goal of your company/product/service?
  2. What do you expect form REMEMBERSHIP_?
  3. What can we expect from you as an individual? How do you see your position in the team?

Everyone will draw the answers down and tan read them aloud. It doesn't matter whether you are a managing director or an assistant. Your voice matters. We will go through all the answers and compare all the expectations.

What is your role in the process?

We need to be honest and open about your expectation. That is the only way to ground successful cooperation.

What do we need?

  • Papers
  • Markers
  • Honesty

Time estimate

Up to 1 hour