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Jobs, Pains & Gains

Metodou vás provede:

A deep dive into your service or business. A very effective and fast approach to map and understand all benefits and weaknesses. The very beginning of our journey that helps determine our direction.

Why Jobs, Pains & Gains?

An e-mail or a brief chat over coffee can barely scratch the surface. Jobs, Pains & Gains will introduce us to each other and ground a successful work relationship. We will get a better understanding of your needs and your team might gain a fresh new perspective on your business.



Time to analyze your product, service or brand. What is the purpose? What exactly does it do? Does it fulfill the needs of your customers, employees and the overall market? Don't worry. We will keep it brief and entertaining!


Pain points might be hiding some of the biggest opportunities. Let's talk about the struggles of your business and your customers and figure out ways to turn them into advantages.


Every process has to have a silver lining. The final part is focused on finding qualities, benefits, and unique propositions. Who knows, you might have some amazing cards hidden up your sleeve. Let us put them on the table!

What is your role in the process?

Be ready to think about your business from every possible angle. We need you to be present and focused.

What should you expect?

The main point of this exercise is getting a large sum of information about your business in the shortest amount of time. All we need is your presence and a room with enough space on the walls for our post-it session.

This exercise might be even considered a team-building activity. It leaves all participants with a fresh perspective and deeper understanding of your business. Therefore we gladly welcome any team member regardless of expertise. All we need is everyone's full attention and willingness to look at things from different perspectives.

Estimated time

2–3 hours