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Design Studio

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Why Design studio?

It's always better to put your Ideas on a piece of paper. This creative approach will show you a fresh point a view and direct you towards effective solutions.

Design studio step-by-step

All you need is a paper, something to draw with… and some amazing ideas. Believe or not, a few drawings might lead you to your goals way faster than an unlimited amount of letters.

  1. Let's start with a sheet of paper for each person - big enough to contain 12 ideas
  2. The Focus question method helped us label our problem. Let's revisit the key questions. If possible, rename the Personas as well.
  3. Everyone gets 8 minutes to draw down 4 Ideas.
  4. Let's present Ideas one by one. Each person gets 30 seconds to explain each idea.
  5. Time for some constructive feedback.
  6. Round two. Everyone gets 8 more minutes to draw the same 4 ideas. Keep working on the same piece of paper. You can simply adjust your drawings or start from scratch. Up to you.
  7. Another round of presentations. Once again 30 seconds per Idea.
  8. You guessed it. Feedback session.
  9. Bam! You have 12 visualized ideas. And that is some solid base, to begin with.

JWhat is your role in the process?

We don't have a huge creative department. You will be an essential part of the process. You and our team will come up with the best ideas. Then we can together shape the raw material into a perfect form.

What do we need?

  • Papers
  • Markers
  • Time Countdown

Estimated time

1 - 2 hours

What tools we use?