Design metody, kterým věříme.


Check-In & Check-Out

Metodou vás provede:

A brief mental exercise. To get everyone on the same page and create a positive atmosphere, we like to open our session with a conversation. All emotions, stories, worries or opinions are welcome. Let's clear our minds, leave all distractions behind and get focused on our mission.

Why Check-in & Check-out?

Because people are always more important than business results. If we suppose to support each other on our journey, we need to feel relaxed and trust each other. And it even boosts up the effectivity in the end.

Check-in & Check-out step-by-step

Check-In: Let's meet for a cup of a great coffee, or just sit down for a minute and focus on each other. How are you? How was your morning? What did you do last night? Did you have a great time? What are we facing today? All emotions, feelings or fears are welcome.

Check-Out: Time to unwind? Not until we properly check-out! Once again, each participant can sum up their impressions and emotions. Let the work behind and leave the session with a clear mind.

What is your role in the process?

We start every session with this brief mental exercise. We will take the lead, but you can easily handle it by yourself. It is only up to you whether you going to practice it once a week or on a daily basis.

What do we need?

  • We only need each other.

Time estimate

15-30 minutes for each session

You can adopt this great exercise and make it a part of your everyday work routine. #nowork after hours!